Your civic integration process: who does what?

Were you told after 31 December 2021 that you could stay in the Netherlands (residence permit)? Then you are covered by the 2021 Civic Integration Act. This page tells you which organisations are involved in your civic integration process.

The municipality

  • advises and guides you through the process of civic integration.
  • arranges your first flat or room of your own.  
  • organises the Job Market and Participation Module (MAP)
  • helps you with money matters for the first six months after you move house.
  • helps you find work.

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Vista College

  • evaluates how well you will be able to learn Dutch by giving you a learning ability test.
  • gives you lessons in Dutch.
  • gives you lessons in Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM). 

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  • organises the group Participation Statement process sessions (PVT).
  • helps you move into your first flat or room.
  • helps you start building your life in the community.
  • helps you buy furniture and other items for your flat or room.
  • teaches you how to manage your money matters.

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Kredietbank Limburg

  • pays your bills for the first six months (budget management).
  • gives you money that you have to repay later (loan).
  • sees that you receive money to live on in your own bank account. 

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Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO)

  • sends you a letter stating that you may stay in the Netherlands and must integrate.
  • organises the civic integration exams.
  • sends you letters about your exams.
  • can adjust your integration route if you are very sick or have other problems.

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